About Me

I am a Kenyan Rangeland Ecologist currently working as Senior Scientist and Head of Research and Monitoring at Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya.

I am broadly experienced in rangeland science and management, having studied elephant ecology and impact on woody vegetation for my Master’s degree from the University of Nairobi, followed by two years practicing rangeland restoration and monitoring across the Ewaso ecosystem in northern Kenya.

My research and management interests include rangeland restoration, natural resource assessment, inventory and monitoring, human-wildlife interactions, and the influence of patch-level soil and site characteristics on ecosystem scale structure and function.

I am hoping to use this website not just as an outlet for my own personal and professional endeavors , but also as an online resource and forum to share ideas, technologies, and experiences with other biological scientists as well as interested readers. Hopefully this website ends up serving as a science communication portal to the wider public. Enjoy!

Here’s a copy of my resumé

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